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Wireless Accessories is a popular cell phone store in District Heights, MD. We have many years of experience providing a wide range of services including Cell Phones, Cell Phone Repair, Phone Repair and much more. Our staff is on hand to help you find your phone and accessories, answer questions or concerns and process your order. When you need cell phone repairs in District Heights, MD, call on Wireless Accessories, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service.


Oh no, you broke your phone! What ever will you do? Don’t worry! Our expert cell phone repair team has got you covered. Our services are first-rate! In as little time as possible, we can fix your damaged product right in front of you. No need to pull your hair out over your inoperable device. We’ve got the necessary tools to have your phone fixed in a jiffy. For years, we’ve been trusted to repair service in town. So, when you break your phone for the hundredth time, make the smart choice. Bring it to our highly trained professionals. We’ll take good care of your most prized possession properly and affordably.
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Phone LCD screens keep your phone looking brilliant and vibrant. They are an important part of proper phone functionality. If you have a broken phone screen or it simply isn’t giving you the brilliance and brightness that it should, then visit us today. We provide top quality LCD screen repair, guaranteed to make your phone shine. Our technicians will replace your screen with precision. No more trying to see through a cracked or dimly lit screen. We guarantee that your phone will perform like new. If you’re looking for high-quality phone screen repair, we’re the place for you! Come and see us today, you’ll be glad you did.
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